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Mandolines - Click on the link to view or see videos below

-"Part 1 of Using your Mandoline"

-"Part 2 of Using your Mandoline"

-"Julienne and Coin style cuts"

-"How to make criss cross fries"

-"Using the V-Slicer Mandoline"

-"Model 90799/225582 Mandoline intro"

-"Model 90799/225582 continue"

-"Model 90799/225582 - How to slice a tomato"

-"Model 90799/225582 - How to make criss cross fries"

Owners Manuals of Mandolines 90718 - 90757 -90767 -90787 - 90799/225582

Click this link to purchase replacement parts for mandolines


Peppermill - Saltmill

-"PepPour mill owners manual"

-"Electric Stainless Steel Salt and Peppermill 90603/90604/90600 video"

-"Stainless Steel Acrylic Salt and Pepper Mill 90625 video"


Other Products

-"Electronic Roasting Thermometer owners manual"

-"Food Mill owners manual (PDF) - and Video"

-"Stainless Steel Food Chopper video"


Multi Chopper Part 1 (parts explained)


Multi Chopper Part 2 (actual usage)


Multi Chopper Part 3 (cleaning and assembly of all parts)


How to use a Mandoline Part 1


How to use a Mandoline Part 2


Model 90799 / 225582 part 1


Model 90799 / 225582 part 2


How to slice a tomato with a Mandoline


Model 90799 -Waffle Cut


Model 90767 Waffle Cut


Model 90767 Criss Cross Cuts


Model 90767 Carrots and Zucchini Cuts


Model 90717 / 90718 V-Slicer


Electric Salt and Pepper Mill 90603/90604/90600


Stainless Steel and Acrylic Salt and Pepper Grinder 90625


How to change the courseness disk on a Food Mill


Stainless Steel Food Chopper usage





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